Coaching Packages


Rider interested in taking up cycling as a hobby with the view of becoming more competitive in the future.

  • Basic riding skills
    •  Road etiquette during group and lone rides
  • Training routines
  • Monthly training program –
    • 2-3 hours per week e.g. weekends only
  • Advice on fueling correctly when riding
  • Basic nutritional advice on and off bike
  • Post training stretching program
  • Correct clothing use & safety procedures
  • Time management during rides
  • Bike maintenance
    • Cleaning, mechanics & equipment use
  • Contact with Jonny
    • Email update every two weeks
    • Monthly phone call


Rider who enjoys training towards a specific challenge or event

  • Focusing on training for specific Sportive events
    • Mountain – Etape du Tour
    • Cobbles – Paris-Roubaix
  • Monthly training program
    • 5-8 hours per week over 6 days
  • Nutritional advice to suit each Sportive event
  • Post training stretching program
  • Contact with Jonny
    • Email update every two weeks
    • Monthly phone call
    • Option to increase closer to event


Full/ Part time rider with the ambition of turning Professional.

  • Weekly in depth training program tailored to rider’s goals
    • Threshold testing to monitor progress
  • Gym strength and conditioning program
    • Exercises specific to rider
  • Nutritional advice specific to each session
    • E.g. Sprint workout days – diet high in protein
  • Contact with Jonny
    • Weekly email update
    • Phone call every two weeks


Rider looking for that extra edge or marginal gain in their training plan to achieve the best possible results

  • 1-1 riding days with Jonny
  • Weekly in-depth training program focusing on marginal gains:
    • Threshold testing
    • Bike fitting
    • Shoe insole recommendations
  • Gym strength and conditioning program
    • Exercise routines to increase power & strength
  • Nutritional advice
    • Meal plans at home
    • Food intake during training and racing

One to one Mallorca / Gran Canaria training packages

One to one bespoke training camps with Jonny Bellis designed around your needs and goals

We can also provide motor pacing, massage, route guidance, nutritional advice.

Come join and feel what it’s like to be treated as a professional rider.

*All Training Packages include a subscription to Training Peaks to monitor progress and can be applied to both Road & Track disciplines.