Coaching Packages


Rider interested in taking up cycling as a hobby with the view of becoming more competitive in the future.

  • Basic riding skills
    •  Road etiquette during group and lone rides
  • Training routines
  • Monthly training program –
    • 2-3 hours per week e.g. weekends only
  • Advice on fueling correctly when riding
  • Basic nutritional advice on and off bike
  • Post training stretching program
  • Correct clothing use & safety procedures
  • Time management during rides
  • Bike maintenance
    • Cleaning, mechanics & equipment use
  • Contact with Jonny
    • Email update every two weeks
    • Monthly phone call


Rider who enjoys training towards a specific challenge or event

  • Focusing on training for specific Sportive events
    • Mountain – Etape du Tour
    • Cobbles – Paris-Roubaix
  • Monthly training program
    • 5-8 hours per week over 6 days
  • Nutritional advice to suit each Sportive event
  • Post training stretching program
  • Contact with Jonny
    • Email update every two weeks
    • Monthly phone call
    • Option to increase closer to event


Full/ Part time rider with the ambition of turning Professional.

  • Weekly in depth training program tailored to rider’s goals
    • Threshold testing to monitor progress
  • Gym strength and conditioning program
    • Exercises specific to rider
  • Nutritional advice specific to each session
    • E.g. Sprint workout days – diet high in protein
  • Contact with Jonny
    • Weekly email update
    • Phone call every two weeks


Rider looking for that extra edge or marginal gain in their training plan to achieve the best possible results

  • 1-1 riding days with Jonny
  • Weekly in-depth training program focusing on marginal gains:
    • Threshold testing
    • Bike fitting
    • Shoe insole recommendations
  • Gym strength and conditioning program
    • Exercise routines to increase power & strength
  • Nutritional advice
    • Meal plans at home
    • Food intake during training and racing

*All Training Packages include a subscription to Training Peaks to monitor progress and can be applied to both Road & Track disciplines.